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The Program Development Environment

consists of a higher programming language (C-)  as a ROM based    interpreter language    with various tools for testing,

and an assembler language monitor   for programming in machine language   (8Bit processor, 152 OP-codes, instructions of 1, 2 and 3 byte length).

Both languages can be used for main programs   or subroutines.   

The code of both languages is written into memory    and can be immediately executed and tested.
Program code of each language,   written into RAM,    can be stored in flashram   and can be loaded for execution    as main program by a menue entry,
or as subroutine by a short load routine.

There are tools for listing and printing programms of each language.

The system also contains a cross-assembler   for Intel 8048 assembler    as an example for assembler languages   with 1,2 and 3 byte instructions.
Programs can be listed, printed, filed and transfered    to other computers or microcontroller systems for execution and test,    or for storage on ROM chips.

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