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LOGINTER   loads the internet protocol and telnet aplication modules,
starts a telnet session.
If a terminal connexion is established,    terminal options (send/receive,text/binary) are entered and transfer started

PARAMETER opens module for the setting of terminal parameters like baudrate, modem strings, data flow control, echo, PPP option, etc.

TASTATURWAHL = manual dialing module

SUBMENUE contains useful file services like    load, save, display, print files and display file directory.

REMOTE SYSTEM starts the terminal system as a remote terminal    either with an active modem waiting for a telefone call from another data terminal, or displaying the remote terminal´s menue in a local connexion. Also remote programming and file management is possible.

TERMINAL starts keyboard datatransfer   and the loading of modules for XMODEM datatransfer with CRC or checksum control, or modules for textdatatransfer or datatransfer witout protocol.

-AUTOANSWER- waits with active modem for a telefone call    and establishes a data connexion   in case of a telefone call.

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