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FSERV    service program    for    flashram maintenance: read/write from/to flashram,    copy flashram banks or chips, compare flasram banks or chips with RAM, erase sectors, chips, etc.

MTEC4 hardware   allows implementation   of up to 4 x 128 MB   ROM or SRAM,    which amounts to 512 MB of memory

If only flashram is used   the max. capacity is    4 x 64 MB flashram

The realized size of   external memory   at present:    256 KB,    500 KB,   1 MB,    4 MB,    8 MB flashram cartridges.   Programcode is executable within the chip, no download to DRAM is necessary

The software system on 1MB flashram,    incl. 192 KB for testdata,   occupies 0.5 MB flashram.    0,5 MB    are used for backups   of the system, which supports easy program changes
or may contain 150 pages of browserable system documentation.
With processor speed of 980KHz comparing 16   32KB banks of a 0,5MB
flashchip takes 1,6min. time

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